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There's an option in dev tools to disable caching while dev tools is open. I am editing JS dynamically in Dev Tools, under the Sources tab. I know that because if I refreshed the page, the source would go back to the older version and it doesn't do that.

While dev tools is open you can also long click the refresh button in the browser and you will get a drop down with an option to clear the cache specifically for that tab and hard reload.. Long-clicked refersh button, chose "Empty cache and hard reload", changed JS in Dev Tools, saved JS, clicked a button. Went to Dev Tools's settings, set "disable cache on Dev Tools", refreshed the page, changed and saved alert in JS, clicked a button. But the webpage is still the same.1) load page 2) go to source set breakpoint (but somewhere where the the events are not attached, first line of init function or something like that) 3) refresh page and check if browser stop execution on your breakpoint , if yes change your javascript and continue js execution I think that chrome live editing ist not working as supposed.

However, the speed boost will ONLY be experienced by Android users - as the update is for the browser on the Google developed mobile OS.

The speed boost will be part of the updates Chrome on the Android is getting in version 59 - which should be dropping any day now.

Have spent a loooong time trying to disable updates (literally hours, reading forums and testing various (some exotic) solutions), and this was driving me crazy.

Google had previously outlined the speed upgrade in April, and said it is because of improvements in the browser’s V8 Java Script engine.

Java Script is behind a lot of the advanced functionality on popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia and Reddit.

hl=en I followed scrupulously the instructions of that page, the keys in the registry are all correct, but still going to the "About Google Chrome" when the program is opened, I can see the wheel going around and a few seconds later the update is forced and done.

I have tried using the standalone installer of Google, on a Windows 8.1 machine 64Bits - and yes all the keys are set to : Dword: Auto Update Check Period Minutes Value: 0 Dword: Disable Auto Update Checks Checkbox Value Value: 1 Dword: Update Default Value: 0 Dword: Update Value: 0 ...

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