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I thought he was attractive, obviously, and I could also tell from his pictures he loved to travel, which is something I love too.

If you’re ready to get engaged, you’ll be as happy doing these things as you are having a great meal out together.I also enjoy his monotone delivery; never gets too excited or too low. This will be a nice addition to the Monday night line-up.I don't know how David Spade will be in his role. He also seems a little old to still be trolling for women.are dating game shows, but to the surprise of many, they often result in real love — albeit sometimes indirectly.The 12-year-old franchise is built around a basic premise: One Bachelor or Bachelorette chooses from 25 contestants, with the promise of a proposal in the finale.

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A busy schedule and a string of dead-end dates left Jenn, 26, less than enthused about her nonexistent dating life. In August, the Jacksonville, Florida, couple were engaged.

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