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Eighty-one papers met the inclusion criteria, investigating 31 goals and 22 methods for monitoring fluid therapy in 13052 patients.

In total there were 118 different goal/method combinations.

[2] There was no public communication on this, neither on behalf of the Hungarian government, nor the Commission.

These louvers respond dynamically and automatically to the angle of the sun which improves the control over energy consumption, solar radiation and glare with the ability to admit natural light into the building.

French nuclear company Areva said it plans to spend nearly €2 billion on the modernization of industrial plant equipment, deployment of new technologies, and on ongoing improvement of safety mechanisms as a response to the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident in March 2011.

The post-Fukushima improvements are expected to total about €200 million on top of the modernization program, an Areva spokesman confirmed June 29.

The Hungarian government furtively withdrew the two most controversial changes of the Nuclear Energy Act.

These amendments passed in December 2016 allowed the government to bypass with a simple decree the valid permits of new nuclear reactors and radioactive waste facilities, originally issued by the formally independent nuclear regulator.

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To review the literature on goal directed fluid therapy and evaluate the quality of evidence for each combination of goal and monitoring method.

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