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“I attend Speed Dating for Fitness Singles because I’m not interested in dating a couch potato” said one single lady who attends our events.

“I want to meet a stud, not a spud.” (“spud” is another word for “potato”, for those of you who aren’t farmers) You may not be a couch potato, but you could easily find yourself sitting at the computer all night, seven nights a week, looking for fellow fitness-loving singles, and only reading things that aren’t true. If fitness is your thing, if you like to run, jump, bike and be on the move, then you have a need for speed – speed dating, that is.

Well Squad, which launched last week, pairs you with users whose fitness goals, favorite activities, motivation levels and geographical locations are compatible with your own.

In other words, it works kind of like an online dating service.

It’s been proven: fit singles are happier, healthier, stronger, and more attractive than the average person.

If you put in the effort to stay fit, then you deserve someone who shares your values.

We both like to exercise, spend time outdoors, and participate in many of the same activities (minus our disagreement on the topics of video games and furniture shopping). Well, if you’re single this Valentine’s Day, I want to help a sister (or brother) out! They use self-reported info and health tracker stats to assess compatibility and offer 2-minute live video dates, so you can suss out a potential suitor before you meet them in person.

That’s why Speed Dating for Fitness Singles is the event to attend for singles who want to increase their health and their happiness.If you and a potential match both like each other, conversations can start flowing. Single Fit is an app that not only factors your interests in to finding the best match, it uses location and health tracker data from things like your Apple Health Kit, Fitbit, or Microsoft Band to really personalize the process.When you find a match, you can live video chat, sort of like a speed date that gives you a feel for each other's personality before you commit to meeting in person. True Swolemates, as they say, "is the only social networking dating website for finding your true lifting and life partner." If you're into Cross Fit or bodybuilding, this is the perfect option.Sadly, none of these attempts were successful, but I put genuine effort into each one! I suppose it goes without saying that Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite greeting card holidays.Even when I was single I loved everything about it — the hearts everywhere, the chocolate-covered strawberries, the potential to fall in love at any moment (or be stood up for a V-Day date — yeah, it happens to the best of us).

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We created SWEATT because we believe that great dates and great relationships start with Strong, Motivated, Confident people.

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