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Some time ago I read that one of the distinguishing characteristics of an effective system administrator / engineer is laziness.

It seemed a little contradictory at first but the author then proceeded to explain why: if a sysadmin spends most of his time solving issues and doing repetitive tasks, you can suspect he or she is not doing things quite right.

Also, the partial matching behavior of

Names = c("a", "b", "est"), row.names = c(NA, -10L), class = "data.frame") df a b est 1 11.77000 2 0.000000 2 10.90000 3 0.000000 3 10.32000 2 0.000000 4 10.96000 0 2.352941 5 9.90600 0 1.936834 6 10.70000 0 2.250296 7 11.43000 1 0.000000 8 11.41000 2 0.000000 9 10.48512 4 0.000000 10 11.19000 0 2.443743 The R-inferno, or the basic R-documentation will explain why using df$* is not the best approach here.

work from your command prompt (regardless which shell you're using).

Just in case some folks were not aware, you MUST press enter to invoke the command, and I try to cover the Linux commands I use most often such as cd, pwd, finger and man.

: If you need help understanding what the options are, or how to use a command, try adding this to the end of your command: --help For example, for better understanding of the df command's options, type: followed by the name of a directory to access that directory.

Keep in mind that you are always in a directory and allowed access to any directories hierarchically above or below.

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But when you try to get access to the web site the site is down.

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