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But we do see that the first surgeon has succeeded in getting the man's boot off.

We cannot see the patient stretched out on the table. A solitary officer is standing a few feet behind him.

Some would label his behavior as a character flaw, but not in Ray's mind.

Ray didn't tell the old man, but there is truth in the adage, "Once you go black you never go back." At least, it was true in his case.

A cane travels through space and deftly hooks one of the boots.

DANCES WITH WOLVES Written by Michael Blake MAY 23, 1989 Final Draft INT. In the extreme background, TWO STRETCHER BEARERS are just leaving.

Fade in on the waists of two men (THE SURGEONS) hovering around a crude operating table.

He was intently staring at the scantily-clad woman as Ray kneeled next to him, stocking canned goods on a lower shelf. "If I was still your age, I'd see if she was any good." Ray grinned back. Ray was twenty-six, hung like a horse, and primed to fuck; especially white women.

"I can't think about our customers that way." "Sure, you can. He didn't know why, since he'd screw a woman regardless of race, but white bitches turned him on the most. It added excitement to the risk of duping her husband by taking what was supposed to be his private property and making it his own.

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