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When we're apart and you sleep does your body still feel my hands searing my finger prints into your skin , or does it feel the poetry my lips sang when I teased your mouth with a forbidden language ?This section of Swingers Heaven is a place where you can tell all about your swinging and/or dogging escapades!Or why not give us all one of your erotic fantasies to read?!Magical nights spent in exotic cities, two souls exploring the world together. Couples think they are being coy, but we all know what is going on behind the sheets. Additionally, there are people in a kitchen 24 hours a day so there’s little chance you’ll have privacy. Or at least one drunken night in that hostel in Europe. However, your dormmates will appreciate when you hang a sheet around the bed because no one wants to see your butt bouncing up and down like a teenager thinking his parents aren’t home.

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