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Television programming has always been a cyclical beast: one minute we’re crazy for croquembouche-filled cooking comps, the next we’re going gaga over home renovation challenges.

And right now – with shows like for singletons, only with poodle perms and cringey double entendres; contestants were hidden behind a screen and quizzed by their prospective date.

It turns out ABC actually wanted Connie Britton to have the role of Olivia Pope and NOT Kerry Washington!

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One of the most moving moments to come out of the star-studded One Love Manchester concert on June 4 was Ariana Grande’s rendition of The Wizard of Oz anthem “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” The song’s hopeful message about trying to find a safe place fit perfectly for an event that was a direct response to the terror attack which took place at a Grande concert in Manchester, UK on May 22, leaving 22 dead and 116 injured.Last year, – a “social experiment” which threw eight terrified individuals into blind, arranged marriages (ok, they weren’t legally binding) – served as coffee-break fodder in offices across the country, and chalked up 1 million viewers every episode.A family with an abusive father, a sensitive son, and a mother out of her depth: we see them when Michael is about 12 and when he's in his 30's, a writer of romance novels, going home for his mother and sister's college graduations.Because the ending felt rushed while the rest of it was very well controlled, I cannot help but believe that this time was taken out of the final act.It's a shame really, because it could have been a great film.

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