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That’s when you need this free, user-friendly spreadsheet for bulk data download. Start by entering a start and end date, your desired quote frequency (d for daily, m for monthly, y for yearly), and your desired sorting (oldest data first or newest data first).You can also specify if you want the data for each ticker written to separate CSV files. Then enter a list of ticker symbols in cell A11 and below (one tick per cell).Copy the code to a regular code module, then select the sheet(s) you want to export, and run the macro.See the section further down, for details on how the macro works.As a workaround, I’ve posted a new version of the spreadsheet that uses Google Finance.This data can be used for correlation analysis, technical analysis with RSI and ATR, historical back-testing, portfolio optimization and much more.When you refresh the data, you can choose to refresh it for one Power View sheet in a workbook (Refresh) or for the entire workbook (Refresh All).Refreshing the data goes all the way back through the data model on which the Power View sheet is based, back to the data source to get the latest data.

Name, " ", "") str Name = Replace(str Name, ".", "_") 'create default name for savng file str File = str Name & "_" & str Time & ".pdf" str Path File = str Path & str File 'use can enter name and ' select folder for file my File = Application.Excel 2010 includes a feature that helps users to embed and link different objects.OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) is a technique to insert data from one app in to another and update data accordingly.In Excel 2013, every workbook can contain an internal Data Model that you can modify in Excel, in Power Pivot, and even in a Power View sheet in Excel.A workbook can contain only one internal Data Model, and you can base a Power View in sheet on the Data Model in the same workbook or on an external data source – another workbook, or a SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services (SSAS) tabular model.

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