Updating roaming on verizion

Also, make sure that you're in an area with good, strong signal when you try this update.A roaming notification will generally appear at the top of your phone (in the same area that shows your signal strength and battery life).If you own a CDMA version of the i Phone, you can update your roaming capabilities by dialing a number from your phone directly, which can increase your battery life while roaming, allow your i Phone to connect to additional roaming networks and decrease the amount of blocked and dropped calls.Updating your roaming capabilities is not required if you own a Verizon LTE model of the i Phone 5 or an i Phone on a GSM network like T-Mobile or AT&T.

We recommend disabling data roaming as it can cause extra battery drain, but if you're traveling internationally you'll want to enable it: These alerts appear on CDMA devices and are called "roaming guards." They are enabled by default on most phones so that customers don't unknowingly rack up huge roaming charges.If you have an Android device, you can also check your PRL by tapping Home With Verizon prepping its LTE launch and Sprint lighting up new WIMAX markets, both carriers are spending a lot of time and resources ensuring their current 3G networks are optimized.This means a lot of adjustments to which towers cover a specific location, as well as the addition of new towers to handle additional traffic.Selecting this will automatically update your phone to include your provider's current network.Wait until the automated voice tells you the updating process is complete before hanging up.

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