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To use this website, cookies must be enabled in your browser.To enable cookies, follow the instructions for your browser below.My research revolves around two primary themes: (1) understanding how ecological differences among species affect patterns of biodiversity over geologic time, and (2) assembling a clearer picture of the phylogeny, evolution, and geologic history of marine invertebrates, especially the Crinoidea (Echinodermata).

After all, that’s where he met the stunning brunette model that he’d end up dating and marrying: Molly Beers.

“She was holding onto Ben and was all over him,” a source told Us Weekly.

“They were really close, talking and laughing.” Foster, 35, most recently dated actress Robin Wright, breaking off their engagement in November 2014 before rekindling their romance last year but then splitting up again.

Much of my phylogenetic work utilizes the exceptional fossil record of crinoid echinoderms (sea lilies and feather stars), and has resulted in numerous taxonomic revisions of crinoid higher taxa (see Ausich et al., 2015; Wright, 2017; Wright, et al., 2017).

Other research projects include: Documenting quantitative estimates of morphologic rates of evolution in Paleozoic crinoids to better understand associations between (1) rates of phenotypic evolution, (2) morphologic disparity, and (3) ecological opportunity associated with large-scale evolutionary radiations (Wright, in revision).

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