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She wrote "my blood is on your hands" and "you pulled the trigger on me." Again, she did not kill herself.

The strain and anguish suffered by him and his family can only be imagined.

As with so many families, the scars may never heal. For 22 years he lay in a hospital bed, an IRA bullet lodged in his head, apparently conscious but unable to move or to speak; and on every day of those 22 years he was visited by his wife.

As with so many families, the scars may never heal.

The horror that a bomb can cause was summed up in this report of an explosion at the Abercorn restaurant in Belfast in the 1970s: "One girl has lost both legs, an arm and an eye. A male victim lost two legs, and a female lost one leg and one arm.

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Although the Seymour family has suffered particularly severely, their protracted tragedy is only one of many terrible stories to arise from a quarter-century of death and destruction.

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